Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Enjoy it, Because it is a Gift!

The other day I was talking to a wise friend of mine (um, well actually it was Cassidy). She asked me how my day was, I said, 'tiring, but good; it was a good day.' I asked her how hers was, this is what she says; she says: 'It got better :) every single day is a day God has made and I am refusing His gift by not living right now enjoying it'. 

not sure about the 'dearie'... I think I was feeling British at the time lol...
Think about this now. Every single day is a day God has made and we refuse His gift by not living right now enjoying it. God made today, Wednesday, May 22, 2013. I will never never ever have the chance to re-live this day. I will never be able to watch the sun rise on this morning again, I can never go back and spend more time with my family, or watching the little kids do silly things. 

God gave it to me, to you, to us all, as a gift. A gift needs to be used, and it needs to be enjoyed.

When I think about all the days I spend/have spent very unproductively, it makes me sad (now I'm not saying that we need to work all the time!) because God gave me the day and I squandered it. Each day He also gives us work to do, something to further His kingdom. To those who are ready for a little He gives a little and to those who are ready for much, He gives much. We, as humans, members of the fallen race, cannot, in this life, see how God works. It may be that the little conversation that you had with the dude beside you on the bus affected him, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, or next month, or next year, but God used you to work in his heart, and years from now, he may not even remember the conversation but God used something you said, and it changed his life. 

But God also gives us this gift of time, each day, to be enjoyed. There are a lot of things if only we just see them. Yesterday it rained here (and thundered!! yay!! ;)), and after supper some of the sibs wanted to go for a walk to do some puddle jumping, so I agreed to take them, I admit, a little begrudgingly. I'm not sure exactly what I wanted to do instead, but there must have been something, but I went, thinking to myself about the times when I had wanted to go puddle jumping and couldn't, when I was little. We had a marvelous time! I let go and decided to enjoy myself instead of wishing I was at home. We chicken-danced down the sidewalk (I hear this is a completely foreign idea in Redwood lol! In Ontario you are only slightly crazy if you dance down the street, and it's best if it's done in the rain! ;)), jumped in puddles. Livvy (8) and Bella-Boo (3) ran ahead while I walked slower with Eden (1 1/2), who was really cute trying to run and catch up with them. One of them had shorts that were a little too big on, and had to hold them up while they ran... it was sooo funny!!! 

Sorry about that, I was just having a little too much fun reliving that. :) 

My point here this morning, is pretty much just what Cassidy said. "Every single day is a day God has made and I am refusing His gift by not living right now enjoying it"  So I challenge you today, to enjoy it! To find the little job that God has for you today and to do it, and to live in each moment, laugh long, loud, clear. With somebody. Each breath is a gift from God, don't take today for granted. 

Psalm 118:24
This is the day the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.

May God bless you today!!
love Emma

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