Saturday, 27 September 2014

Meet Me & 31 Days {!!}

So now I've been blogging for a little while, and I've realized that because my family is such a huuge part of my life I need to mention them, but it's also kind of hard to mention them sometimes because of the vague anonymous way that I've set myself up here. It's also hard being real and honest at the same time as being vague. When I first started, I hid behind the idea of the scary internet and I didn't want to give anything personal away here.

But now I'm going to take just a wee step forward, and introduce myself a little more. Not completely {this is a wee step, after all}, but more than I have in the past.

So you probably knew, my name is Emma. yep. I've got 5 younger siblings, 1 brother and 4 sisters, and I loove it! :) I'm 17, and working my way through my last year of high school, at home {I've been homeschooled all my life :)}.

At this point in my journey I absolutely love being homeschooled, although for a while I would've given anything to go to school. I love to read, and bake {maybe a few recipes coming up here sometime in the future? :)}, and I love love love kids!

My family is totally awesome, and I really like hanging out with them. Here we all are, this picture is from last year. 

Dad, Livvy (9), AK(11), Yah-yah(15), Moocho(15), Mum, Bella-Boo(5), and myself :)*
{ages are current, not at the time of the photo ;)}

I guess that's really what I can think of to share for the moment.

And now for my exciting announcement!! :D

I am doing 31 Days this year!!

I think I first heard of 31 Days two years ago, and I followed Ann Voskamp's blog, and the Nester's, and Emily Freeman's. Last year a found a whole bunch of new ones that I have mostly followed since. I am so excited for this year, and I decided that this year, I would join in and try and write something.... so please join me as I write for 31 days {I hope lol} on Celebrating Life

This series is largely inspired by Shauna Niequist's book Cold Tangerines, and I caaaaan't wait to share what I've been learning about celebrating all of the beautiful things in life!

Anyone else doing 31 days? let me know so I can follow! :)

love emma

*nicknames ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing more about yourself! Found you on a harvest of blessing's link-up! :) I have a 4 year old I'm considering homeschooling....glad to know it's (overall) been a good experience for you.

  2. We've got a lot in college! I was homeschooled till college, and I'm the oldest of 7 kids (I have 1 brother and 5 sisters!)

  3. Thanks for sharing Emma! I love that you are doing 31 days! If we weren't preparing for travelling soon I would totally be doing it, maybe next year :)

  4. I'm kind of scared because already it's October first and I have a lot of ideas and a bunch of half finished posts but nothing is ready yet :P ackh! blessings on your traveling! hoping your move went/is going well!

  5. that's totally awesome Rachel! thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Kati! :) yes homeschooling is definitely amazing! if you ever have any questions about it you know where to find me :)

  7. Your family looks super fun! Props to you for taking on the 31 day (challenge?) found you through HOB linkup :)

  8. they really are! ;) haha it's a challenge some days!
    love that link-up!