Monday, 3 November 2014

Hey there, November

So now that November is here, I will admit that I am not overly optimistic about the weather. And the time-change has sure taken a whack at me :P I will admit that I do love waking up to the sun again, although I know that won't last for long!

This past week has been super crazy, prayers would be super appreciated for my grandfather, he has had some complications after his heart surgery this past Thursday!! 

Let's see how those October goals went:

October Goals:
-post {something} every day of October, except Sundays. I already decided I'm taking Sundays off and it won't be a large post every day {I will guarantee you that lol!} but I'm hoping there will be something. 

// yesss!! I did that! you can read them here
-run twice a week. once a week outside of my Wednesday runs with running-buddy :)

// well, um... I did run once a week, each week. but what with blogging every day, I didn't exactly have make time to run outside the weekly run with my running-buddy.
-make dinner at least once a week. this is something that I know helps my mom out a lot and it really gives me great practice :)

// I didn't exactly count, but I did make dinner quite a few times last month. yay!
-and uh, yes. keep working on that prayer thing. 

//well, yes I did, although not so much as I would've liked to.

And this month:

November Goals: 
-run/exercise 5 days/week. The sun keeps rising later and later leaving me with less and less time to run, so I may need to start doing my indoor workouts soon. My goal is to do it most mornings. 
-count blessings. I've been counting gifts for a couple of years now. I find that some times I count regularly, habitually and other times more sporadically. Right now it's sporadic but I hope to change that because I can really notice the difference.
-goal #3. of course I had thought of another goal that I planned to make but forgot to write it down, so I will update this when I think of it. :P

And I just wanted to share with you a passage that I've really been focusing on lately: Matthew 6:25-34, with the verse that has stuck out to me the most being Matthew 6:33:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
 How about you? Have you set any goals this month? How did last month go for you?



  1. These are great goals! As a fellow runner, I understand the difficulty of finding/creating time for runs. Wishing you all the best in these and other endeavors this month.

  2. especially when the sun rises so late and it gets dark so early! Thanks Kari, hope you have a great month too!