Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 :: one word

Happy New Year y'all!! 

In some ways it's hard to believe that 2014 is over already, and in other ways it feels like it was a full year. When I look back it feels like it sped by, but then when I think about it, I feel like it was a full year, and I really did appreciate and live in the moments far more than I have ever done previously. {except perhaps when I was a kid, because one of the super awesome things about kids is that they aren't really capable of not living in each moment.}

I've been working on a post to recap my word{s} {lol} for 2014: Here & Now, for quite some time, hopefully it will be published soon. Stay tuned for that. ha!

But for today, I want to share the word that I chose for this year, 2015.  


I want to seek the LORD this year, more then I have ever before. 
  • I want to seek God and His will for my life, and for my future. 
  • I want to seek God and the gifts + graces, big + small, that He gives each day. 
  • I want to seek God and His character so that by His grace I might become more like Him. 
  • I want to seek God and His grace because I so desperately need it myself, + so that I might generously extend it to others. 
  • I want to seek God and His presence and all that He is so that I will know Him better, + be ever closer to Him, that I might discern His voice from all others, be satisfied only by Him, + keep my eyes fixed upon Him.
 I want to spend more time seeking Him than I do on small silly selfish fleshly things like I do right now. 

That's what I want this year. 

Do you have a word for 2015? What is it? Do you make new years resolutions?

Also, on the subject of my December Goal, which was slow for Advent and make the most of the Christmas season, I feel like I did that pretty well this year. :) I may or may not make a January Goals post later. We'll see. I have so many post ideas floating around in my head, and so many posts that I wanted to make in December that I never did...  like a Dressember fashion ideas post, and some advent stuff, among many others. like my 2014 word recap.

On a slightly related note, today was the first day for pants again and I'm alovin' it! ;) We also came up with this funny idea that I am not doing, wearing jeans all of January and calling it Jeanuary. lol

please excuse the mess lol



  1. What a wonderful word Emma, love it! Can't wait to see 2015 unfold for you!

  2. 'seek' is such a meaningful word you've chosen for this new year! i need to seek Him more too! i hope you have a lovely year, Emma! :)

  3. thanks Chantel! so thankful that Ephraim has been settling in so well!