Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tunes Tuesday :: Superchic[k]

So it seems I'm really out of the loop because I never learned until today that Superchic[k] had folded. A year and a half ago. Wow. Makes me feel sad and nostalgic because Superchic[k].

And since I've been meaning to post for a while (but haven't because of priorities and this winter has been just aahhmaayyzzing so far and hopefully there will be a post coming soon about it... it's in my drafts haha! along with lots of others :P), I thought today was the perfect occasion to do so. 

tons of fun tobogganing the other day! :D

So here is Superchic[k]'s song Sunshine 

Every day is Christmas
When every day is Thanksgiving
I can find the sunshine
If I count my blessings
I got love
And a brand new day

I don't have the best, but I make the best of what I've got
I can see I'm blessed if I don't obsess on what I'm not
Knocked down to the bottom, but I'll start it all over again
You can steal my songs, but you can't take away my pen

I've got nothing but love and a brand new day
I'm living a brand new way

If I miss, I don't cry - I change it up and try again
Every day I'm shooting, every day a chance to win
Easy to be hard, hard to let the light shine in
I love like a child, I never let the critics win

I got lint in my pockets
I got everything I need
Radio's broke so Imma make my own break beats
I get up when I get down
I never draw the perfect line
I got 99 problems
I knock 'em down one at a time 

 Hope you're all enjoying this winter - and if you're finding it cold and boring get out there because that's where the real fun happens! :D


  1. Snow is fun...but summer is better. ;)

  2. haha! I'm inclined to disagree but summer is certainly awesome :D thanks for stopping by!