Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Turning criticism into prayer

I read this post a while ago when it was first written and it stuck with me. And I realized that I do this a lot. I started to write a post about this and then just decided to reblog Kristen's. She put it so wonderfully.

I have a problem. So it turns out it's a bit of a pride and judging kinda problem. It turns out that I am kind of {like really} proud of being 'capable' and 'efficient' and that's not exactly a great thing. And when I see people not being 'capable' or 'efficient' I can begin to look down at them and judge. But God has been showing me that that is not the appropriate response. Prayer is, both for myself, and them. (but I've got to be careful how I pray... because who said being capable and efficient was necessarily a good thing either?)

Anyways, here's what Kristen wrote :)


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