Wednesday, 1 October 2014

31 Days :: {1} :: October Goals & Pre-Intro

yep. you read that right. 'pre-intro'. because I'm not organized enough nor do I have enough time today to edit and post my full intro to this series... so this is the pre-intro, as well as wrapping up my September Goals, and posting my October ones :)

So here they were:
-run at least once a week, hopefully more like two or maybe even three times. it doesn't have to be fast, and it doesn't have to be long, it's more about getting out there.
// yep! yayy!! I've been running at least once a week, often twice, once three times! :) I found a super-awesome running buddy {a friend from church who lives in my neighbourhood who I only just found out runs}, so we have been running together every week and that has spurred me on in my own running!
-get my room organized being gone so much at the end of August pretty much led my room to be a dumping ground of my stuff. need I say more?
// did this too! and not only that, but I actually reorganized all of my furniture and I really like the way it is now :)
-spend {at least} 20 minutes in prayer every day praying is something that so often gets pushed to the back burner I find. And I can totally tell the difference between periods of my life when I pray a lot, and a little. I believe that prayer can truly bring us closer to God. and I want that.
//ha. I started off with 20 minutes a day. and then it wasn't 20 but it was still something. and now I'm lucky for more than five. still something to work on. :P

October Goals:
-post {something} every day of October, except Sundays. I already decided I'm taking Sundays off and it won't be a large post every day {I will guarantee you that lol!} but I'm hoping there will be something. 
-run twice a week. once a week outside of my Wednesday runs with running-buddy :)
-make dinner at least once a week. this is something that I know helps my mom out a lot and it really gives me great practice :)
-and uh, yes. keep working on that prayer thing.

And now for that pre-intro. Which is pretty much just a quote from Shauna's book. yup. come back tomorrow to hear more ;)

"To choose to celebrate in the world we live in right now might seem irresponsible. It might seem frivolous, like cotton candy and charm bracelets. But I believe it is a serious undertaking, and one that has the potential to return us to our best selves, to deliver us back to the men and women God created us to be, people who choose to see the best, believe the best, yearn for the best. Through that longing to be our best selves, we are changed and inspired and ennobled, able to see the handwriting of a holy God where another person just sees the same old tired streets and sidewalks."

"The world is alive, blinking and clicking, winking at us slyly, inviting us to get up and dance to the music that's been playing since the beginning of time, if you bend all the way down and put your ear to the ground to listen for it."

Join me? :)

Blessings, friends!
love Emma

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  1. i found you! thanks for stopping by my blog... how fun that we are both concentrating on the same topic! praying that God will show you what you need to see :)

  2. thanks for stopping by too Dawn! :) thank you and I pray the same for you!

  3. What great goals! I think you're smart in not making them over-zealous, and instead, truly feasible! I have a Bible Giveaway on my blog this week that you might be interested in! Head on over to if you get the chance!

  4. all the best with the goals this month :-) I'm working on the prayer thing too .. keep going and remember God doesn't hold you guilty! Laura #JackofAllTrades

  5. thanks Andrea for the encouragement! :) and I will definitely have to check it out!

  6. thanks for the reminder! I'll be praying that we both get better at it! ;) and thanks for stopping by Laura :)