Saturday, 4 October 2014

31 Days :: {4} :: tangible beauty

Hey there friends! thanks for stopping by! You've found us at Day 4 of my 31 Days series on Celebrating Life. If you'd like to see all the other posts so far, you'll find them here :) (or here).

most days, it can be oh-so-easy to walk around and miss the beauty right in front of you. today I'm talking about this earth, things that are all around us. Later we'll be talking about other types of beauty, but not today.

It takes a lot of practice and intention to open our eyes and be aware of the beauty. so often I just 'coast' through my day without paying any attention to beauty, without trying to find it at all. but when you make the effort, there is amazing beauty out there, some that will take your breath away.

a while ago, I went for a walk in the morning, and I wasn't really paying attention to anything. You know, just coasting along. But for whatever reason, as I walked past this puddle, something caught my eye and I stopped. I looked at it for a while {and actually, it was more of a pink sunrise sky at first}, and eventually decided that I should take a picture, which I did {obviously}. My point to all this is that all the times beauty is right in front of us even if we don't realize it.

As for me, I don't want to miss it!
my apologies, because, like I said, it was more beautiful before, and if you don't think it's beautiful still, the idea still applies, right! :)

And now, a beautiful quote from Shauna:
{At the end of a beee-yootiful chapter called The Red Tree, {which by the way if you want to read it, it's short and I highly recommend it, go here and click down from the contents, to 'the red tree' and voila! ;)}}, here's what she says:

"What looks like a plain old city street is just that until you lift up your eyes and see the red tree, and then you realize that this is no plain city street. This is a masterpiece just here for the week, our very own wonder of the world, and I just about missed it."


I think this quote was also applicable, because around here at least, the trees are beautiful shades of brilliant and gorgeous, and sometimes I miss them. 

have you got any tips for intentionally seeing the tangible beauty around you? :) would you share them?

blessings, friends!
love Emma 

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